Blockchain, Passion Economy, and the Metaverse

Image from Ben Thompson’s Stratechery: Internet 3.0 and the Beginning of (Tech) History

The next era of the internet is upon us. From Fred Wilson’s blog post “Owning Yourself

Internet One was an open network, open protocols, open systems. Internet Two is closed platforms that increasingly dominate the market and own and control our content and us. We need to get to Internet Three where we take back control of ourselves.

Expanding on this quote, Internet 1.0 was the barebones, yellow pages internet of hackers, dial-up modems, and IRC. It had academic roots and utopian visions of individual empowerment, but the clunky user experience held it back. …

On software as a lever on the real world:

Someone writes code, and all of a sudden riders and drivers coordinate a completely new kind of real-world transportation system, and we call it Lyft. Someone writes code, and all of a sudden homeowners and guests coordinate a completely new kind of real-world real estate system, and we call it AirBNB. Someone writes code, etc., and we have cars that drive themselves, and planes that fly themselves, and wristwatches that tell us if we’re healthy or ill.

On software as modern alchemy:

Software is alchemy that turns bytes into actions by…

Reflections on Tim Duncan and his impact on a young man’s life

Two all-time greats battling it out. Image from San Antonio Express-News

Last Saturday, Tim Duncan entered the Basketball Hall of Fame — immortalized and enshrined among the pantheon of greats. As a Spurs fan who followed his career since the early 2000s, I’ve always known that this day would come. Still, watching the Hall of Fame speech of my childhood hero felt like the the culmination of a journey, and the memories came rushing back.

A Tale of Two Bored Brothers

I remember the first time I watched Tim Duncan play. It was a scorching summer day in May 2003. My brother Shaun and I were bored out of our minds in the middle of summer break…

I turned 32 today.

I started the day responding to birthday greetings from friends. The greetings arrived through a mix of messaging platforms — Viber, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat — and a variety of formats — GIFs, emoticons, stickers, and good old text.

I wrapped up the day with a family video call through Facetime. The combination of live audio and video helped establish a sense of shared presence. We were thousands of miles away from one another, but it felt as though we were all chatting and laughing in the same physical space.

In any other era, being away…

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

I check crypto prices on an almost hourly basis, and crypto Twitter posts during the moments in between. Whenever I jog or wash the dishes, I listen to crypto podcasts. Whenever I’m in front of the computer, I click on the crypto Youtube videos in my recommendations list or fire up the crypto trading portal.

I don’t think I’m the only one.

One encounter that surprised me was a client meeting I attended last week. While we were presenting our investment management solution, the client cut us short and asked whether we had solutions around crypto. He was keen to…

2020, what a year.

The first twelve months of the roaring 20s landed with a thud. It was a year defined by a once-in-a-generation pandemic and our collective reaction to it - from dismissal, to begrudging acceptance, to capitulation. COVID shoved all our 2020 plans around like rag dolls in a washing machine and reminded us that nature is still boss.

All this led to a bipolar mess of a year — where time felt like it was simultaneously on slow-motion and fast-forward. 2020 was a quiet year with large patches of nothing. …

The bubble-like texture of the AirPods Pro case makes it a joy to hold.

In my twelve months using the AirPods Pro, I can count with one hand the number of times I left home without them. Next to my smartphone, it holds the highest place among my essential carry items, even above my wallet or watch.

The AirPods Pro is a sound bubble that I can summon anytime from my pocket.

Enveloped in that sound bubble, it no longer matters where I am physically— whether it is a rowdy cafe, a loud subway station, a kitchen, or a jogging trail— I can choose to immerse myself in high-quality music, listen to podcasts and…

Stop climbing, start painting.

We typically think of a career as a ladder, where each rung represents a defined milestone. Climbing the proverbial corporate ladder means starting from the bottom rung (like an assistant or intern) and climbing up to the top rung (like a CEO or partner). Each time you get a promotion, you gain permission to climb one rung.

This act of leveling up mirrors those role-playing games where you start by choosing a basic job class, boost your skills, and progress to a more advanced job class. The difference is that real life does not grant as much control. The ladder…

A narrative in tweets

Image from

I’m listening to the Last Dance playlist on Spotify as I’m typing this. I’m still reeling from The Last Dance even though it’s been more than a month since the final episode aired. Many viewers exclaimed that it’s the best sports documentary of all time, and it enjoyed viewer ratings unprecedented for its genre. The documentary about the magical run had quite a magical run itself. Why did it strike such a chord?

First, the timing was genius. It delivered right when everyone is forced to stay in, when people were craving for sports, looking…

Overcoming the 1-inch-tall barrier of subtitles

Itaewon Class image from

Netflix has become an everyday staple in this pandemic. How else would we fill the unending blocks of time unlocked by the lockdown? It is the rabbit hole that keeps on giving, promising escape with thousands of hours of entertainment, waiting to be discovered and devoured.

Over the last two months, I don’t recall a day when I did not turn on the streaming service. And yet, the more content I watch, the more I feel I have left to watch.

Here are the last ten shows in my viewing history:

  • The Last Dance (US sports documentary)
  • Extracurricular (Korean thriller…

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